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4 of the Best Supinfocom Animations of All Time

4 of the Best Supinfocom Animations of All Time

In my humble opinion, if you truly want to become a professional animator, there is only one place to do it, Supinfocom. The school has the perfect combination of high creativity, and mastery of technique.  The graduates of Supinfocom are producing what can only be described as superb short animation films that are both inventive and inspiring. A lot of movies were produced along the 25 years the school had been operating, but below you can watch the best Supinfocom animations of all time, by my choice. All of the below movies have almost no dialog incorporated in them, there is simply no need for it.

Starting 2015, the school has decided to change his name to MOPA, and is on its way to a whole new adventure.

Sigg Jones

Sigg Jones brings the story of a heavyweight wrestler that gets out of control, forcing his agent to take control and show him who’s the boss. The movie showcases a lot of sneakers and known brands, even though it is not commercial. The makers just really liked sneakers apparently.

Sigg Jones from Douglas Lassance on Vimeo.



Best Supinfocom animations

90 degrees

90 degrees is bar far, my all time favorite of all time. The minimalist approach, and the ingenuity that is presented in the movie is breathtaking. It does start a bit slow, but once it picks up, you just can’t take your eyes off of it.

90 degrees from bif on Vimeo.

Best Supinfocom animations



Meet Buck

Meet buck is an “ordinary” movie about a guy coming to visit his girlfriend, and meet her dad. The only thing a bit strange is that Buck has the head of a deer. Just a bit of a slight problem with the father, who is a hunter, and sees Buck as a steak kissing his daughter.

Meet Buck from TeamCerf on Vimeo.




Best Supinfocom animations


Musicotherapie is one of the best Supinfocom animation films, and not by chance. The movie takes place in an animal mental institution, where 4 patients get together and  create music from just about anything they can find around them. Great audible visual creation.

Musicotherapie from Beakus on Vimeo.

Best Supinfocom animations




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