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6 Things You Need to Succeed in Online Selling

6 Things You Need to Succeed in Online Selling

I’ve been playing with the idea of opening an online shop. Somewhere i can put some of my drawings and other stuff and hopefully earn a little something on the side. It wasn’t as simple as i hoped. So i had to go and ask a few “know how” friends for some pointers. This is what they had to share with me.

E-commerce is growing so fast – we shop on the internet for gifts, for groceries, clothes, furniture, and pretty much anything. Yet it wouldn’t be fair to say that the niche is packed, stuffed and there is no place for new online businesses.

In fact, customers are always looking for something new, fresh, and original. That’s why young people are not afraid to start their e-shops or sell on Facebook – there is always a place for another online store.

But how do you actually succeed in online selling, how do you boost the sales in your online store? There are many things you can do and here are a few gadgets, tools and WordPress themes that will help your profit curve go up.


Credit Card Reader


If you run an online store, it still does not mean you have to make all the sales online. That’s right – even if you don’t have an actual shop, you can still sell your items when you travel, meet interesting people or participate in all kinds of events. All you need is to have the credit card swiper with you and you will be selling and making a profit on the go. This amazing gadget accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, the battery lasts more than a week, and you can both dip the chip or swipe the stripe – so you won’t be losing customers who have different types of cards.




If your web store does not have thousands of different products and you run it on WordPress – then you are lucky. With this WordPress form plugin, you can accomplish amazing things. CaptainForm builder offers awesome intuitive editor with drag and drop option – so you won’t waste tons of time trying to figure it out. Also, it lets you choose from more than 30 different form templates that are pre-made especially for you – this way you can be confident that your form will be designed and built by professionals who know what they are doing. Forms are great for email marketing, newsletters, and so much more.




Novoresume offers valuable guides that help you choose the best resume format for you. You’d be surprised how many different ones there are: chronological, functional, combined, and so much more. And each one of them serves a different purpose. If you sell services on your website, or maybe if you teach or coach – a great resume is a must for you. Sometimes you might get invited to attend conferences. And that’s great – work on your resume, brand yourself and try to get noticed, even offer to speak in upcoming events yourself. This will bring so much more brand awareness for you and together with it – bigger profits for your business.


Life Coach WordPress Theme


There are many great WordPress themes all over the internet, but if you struggle to find the one for your website, then have a look at this life coach WordPress theme – you won’t regret it. The design of this theme is very light and it works wonders when it comes to rising customer experience. To see if it really works for you and fits your individual needs – you can try out the demo version.


Word Counter


Even if content writing isn‘t your main job on the website, a good word counter will always come in handy. And there are a few reasons why: first of all – it will save you a lot of time, because you won’t need to count the words in manual methods, second – it will suggest the optimal length of text for different platforms like Instagram, and third – it will help you keep all the content on your website the right length and looking good: not too short and not too long. Also, don’t forget to read the useful tips that this tool has to offer.


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