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Agile Domain Search – Domain Name Variations Tool

Agile Domain Search – Domain Name Variations Tool

Have you ever wanted to open a site, or buy a domain for a client, and had the perfect domain name in mind, only to find out that that exact perfect name is already taken? And then found yourself thinking of good alternatives to that original name? Well… That’s exactly what comes to solve.

The site is basically a search engine for available domain names, based on the search term you enter. After entering your desire terms, the site will blurb out thousands of variations that are available for purchase, by adding additional logical letters segments or words, that keep the initial logic and the importance of your original wording. Most of the domain registrars will give you this service also, but this site does it on steroids!

The site also offers a set of simple, yet smart, filters to help you better adjust the results to your needs. Stuff like length, alphabetical order and start or finish with the desired search term. You can even know how popular was your search term on the site.

Once you decide what is your preferred name,you choose it, and get to a screen that not only shows you if the domain name is available, but also tells you if that exact name is available as a user or page on the common social networks like Facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr.

The tool was developed by the JLCO Group, which is a group of creative people that created some additional smart tools, beside Agile Domain Search.

Agile Domain Search – A Powerful Domain Name Generator



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