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BB-8 Star Wars Droid by Sphero®

BB-8 Star Wars Droid by Sphero®

On September 4th, Sphero®, a company that creates physical devices that interact with the digital world, introduced the BB-8 Droid. The BB-8 droid is a collaboration with the star wars franchise, to bring into life the new robotic character, in the upcoming title “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens”. The Sphero® ball  exists for quite some time, but the new star wars droid has a life of its own, and by the looks of it, it seems as if he has personality too. The added head piece that sticks (with magnets) to the ball, gives a tremendous added value to the character of this little robot.

The BB-8 has a built in gyroscope, and is controlled via a free mobile app, after creating a Bluetooth connection. The premium toy has a few really cute features like: patrolling, holographic augmented reality projection (in the app view), messaging and driving. You can play with it for a whole hour, after a full 3 hour charge, in the star wars dock like station.

This will be a great gift for any geek. I certainly wouldn’t mind one. The $150 price tag is not cheap at all, but I’m sure some people won’t be able to resist. Check out the video and images below. You can also see UBREAKIFIX video to see what’s inside of it.








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