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Body Makeup Artist Twistinbangs Transforms into Anything

Body Makeup Artist Twistinbangs Transforms into Anything

Don’t you get a feeling, from time to time, that you wish you could be someone else? Wish you had more money, so you can buy more things. Wish you lived in some kind of fairy-tale, and spend your time in a magical place. Wish you were more fierce and strong, so you can stand up for your beliefs, and stopped being pushed around. Well… Twistinbangs, aka Corie Willet, does exactly that, at least on the outside. Corie is a body makeup artist that has the talent and ability, to transform her outer appearance into anything she desires. Her transformation makeup works are just breathtaking. The funny thing is, that she is doing it as only a hobby. Her day time profession is a hair stylist, and she does some amazing stuff in that area too, under her Twistinbangs brand.

I caught up with Corie for a chat about her work. She is clearly a fun person to be around.  You can read about it below.

How did you become a body makeup artist?

“I’ve always dabbled during the Halloween season for the past few years. But in 2014 I started doing makeup for the two weeks leading up to Halloween, and just kept going from there”

die die my darling

What is the process for creating your body paintings?

“I usually start with some sort of inspiration (whether it is a piece of art, a character in a movie, or even stuff I just like, and want to turn into body-paint). Then I map it out on my skin and get to painting. After that, I have to pick contact lenses, the wig (I usually have to style the wig in addition), then I do the photography and editing! After all that I can go to bed! hahaha”

marilyn monroe

How much time does it take to paint a piece?

“Each piece takes 2-7 hours – if its not full torso, its 2-5 hours. A full torso is 4-7 hours. Once I get editing and cleanup out of the way, each piece takes me about 8-10 hours”

dead roots Body Makeup

What materials do you use?

“I use all professional grade body-paints (I mainly use Mehron). I use eye-shadows and regular paint brushes as well. Whenever I make a headpiece or anything though, I will use whatever I can, to make it as inexpensive as possible”

cruella deville

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“I get it from anywhere – nothing is really off limits. My favorite reference to use is that I like brunch a lot, so I did a brunch themed makeup, hahaha. But I like the scary stuff, so I love using monsters and skulls as inspiration too”

boney joanie Body Makeup

You are so good at it, why don’t you turn it into a profession?

“I love hair, and hair is my job. Hair used to be my passion, until I started doing it for other people, so it took some of the fun and creativity away. If I start doing body makeup for money, I have to work under someone else’s vision, time constraints and comfort levels. It stifles me. I love hair, and look forward going to work. But the therapeutic benefits I get from body painting outweigh any money people could pay me. Not everything needs to be monetized :)”


So… Are you making any money out of it?

“I do here and there, but I’m really picky about taking paid jobs because I don’t like working with expectation. I just like to have fun with it, and when I have to worry about a commission, then it’s not nearly as fun. I do sponsorships, like makeup companies asking me to use their products in exchange for photos. I love that, because usually they give me very loose parameters for what to do, and I can just go with it”

If you want to see some more of Corie’s body makeup work you can check out her Instagram Twistingbangs profile, or her Facebook Body Electric page. Scroll down to see some more of her works below.

broken doll

futurama robot santa




purply damsel




krusty the clown

night of the dead




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