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Bookmark with Style with CoolBookmarks

Bookmark with Style with CoolBookmarks

I read a lot. Every day on the train, I get 50min to invest in my education and knowledge growth. I’m not a big fan of digital books in the current age. I’m an old school-er, I like hardcore physical books. It feels different, more real to me. I like turning the pages, and using my book bookmark to mark the spot where I last stopped reading.

I can’t grasp it. How can people stick their heads in those small mobile devices, and read those small lines in a 6 pixel font. All they do is check what’s going on on Facebook and Instagram. Reading on these devices is a horrible experience.

Now, on a side note. As much as I read, my wife reads x10 more than me. So much so, that in our last apartment moving, almost 20 of the boxes were filled, just with her books. So many heavy boxes that the movers almost quit. She will never get to read all of them, but she still refuses to sell or give away any of them. “I will get to them one day.” she says. Yeah, right… wishful thinking :).

So…. Every time I start a new book I get faced with the same stupid problem. I need a bookmark for the book. I find myself looking around for a scrap of paper, so I can use it as a temporary one. I never get around to owning a proper bookmark. Somehow all of them are too massive, or a commercial in disguise. I usually get them from the bookstore. I hate those! Even though they are free.

No more! I finally found what I was looking for, and now I’m happy.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the cutest, most clever bookmark solution on CoolBookmarks Etsy page. They are the perfect solution to my needs. They are small, flexible and durable. And the best part… they are stylish and cool. They make me smile, each time I use them. They have a hidden sense of humor embedded in them.

Bought a few for my wife too 🙂

No more will I need to deal with those worn out pieces of paper, dangling from my books. Finally, I’m the proud owner of a real book bookmark. A special one. One that I constantly get asked around by people in the train. They all want to know where can they get one. I happily point them toward CoolBookmarks. Check out a few of their coolest bookmarks below.


game-of-thrones-stark-bookmark lizard-bookmark

cat-bookmark crown_bookmark












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