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Breathtaking Illustrations by David Sossella

Breathtaking Illustrations by David Sossella

A few days ago I had another case of “I need some inspiration”. I had a total block. So I did what I do every time I have a “Leave me alone, I have no ideas” moment. I started browsing around for something to trigger the wheels of creativity. It didn’t take me long, until I came across David Sossella’s breathtaking illustrations. I had a previous encounter with his amazing work a long time ago before. But seeing his work again, gave me exactly what I needed to push forward.

I reached out to him, asking if he would be so kind and answer a few questions. He was happy to participate. Check out below for some images of his amazing work and information about it, and about him, of course.

Hi David, can you share a few words about yourself?

“I was born in Venice (Italy) in 1976. I graduated in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. In 2000 I started working as an illustrator and graphic designer in a communication agency. Then, I had several collaborations, including with an animation studio. Since 2010, with 3 other members, I founded Manifactory, which is a communications agency specialized in illustration. In 2014 Gusto Robusto born. A project with the aim to create and sell limited edition art prints made in vector graphics. At the moment, Gusto Robusto involves 20 artists from around the world.

As an illustrator, I have worked with several worldwide agencies and clients including Ray-Ban, Air emirates, Ceres beer, Disney and Hasbro. As an artist I’m globally represented by IlloZoo illustration agency.”

davy jones_color_produzione Breathtaking Illustrations

Davy Jones2

Davy Jones1

You seem to work in a lot of mediums, what’s your favorite one?

“It depends on the job and also on the period. I must say that each medium that I have tried, and am still practicing, have special aspects that I like. At the moment, I’m working mostly with 2 mediums that I place on opposite sides: vector graphics and painting on canvas. I love these two techniques because they are complementary. One gives me satisfaction from what the other misses. However, everything starts from a pencil drawing that is my faithful way to creativity.”


What is your typical work process? What materials do you use?

“The widest part of my job is the imaginative one. In fact, I always have many ideas, and only a small portion of them become a finished work. Most of the time, I just think about them, and these ideas remain only imagined works, like a super private collection. When I decide to represent something, the creation of the pencil sketch is the part that takes me the most time. That’s because I love to produce complex images, so every sketch has more manufacturing and definition steps, until I create the definitive image. When I’m realizing the sketch, I have already decided the technique for the final version. After that, there are only hours of work remaining. When I’m in the final phase, I quite never have second thoughts. Everything has been already clear in my mind. I just need to be patient to realize every detail.”


A lot of your illustrations have an oriental elements and feel, why is that?

“I love Japan. I practice martial arts since I was 9 years old and I have taught Aikido for 10 years now. I’m very connected with Japanese aesthetics, both for the traditional point of view that the more pop vision. But, lately, many other elements are overlapping, and my job is changing.”

character1 Breathtaking Illustrations

character1 sketch

Where is your inspiration coming from?

“As I mentioned, I take inspiration from many different elements, the result of studies and interests. Lately, I’m fascinated by Western mysticism, symbolism and sacred geometry. Anyway, I always try to put some elements of life in my work, expressions of emotions, memories. I love details. I love studying how things are made and then I try to represent them with precision and detail.”


How can people contact you, or commission a project?

“People can contact IlloZoo, the illustration agency that represents me (, and ask for me.”

I would like to thank David for his precious time. If you wish to see some more of his Breathtaking illustrations, head over to his Behance page.

Gusto Robusto: Speedpaint of R_797B by David Sossella from GustoRobusto on Vimeo.


davy jones_color_produzione

Stampa Breathtaking Illustrations

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy1

Monkey Boy2

Ray-Ban Rare Print

Ray-Ban Rare Print vector


Death on the Beach

Death on the Beach vector

Death on the Beach1

Cadillac Tank for Red Ape1







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