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Breathtaking Nature Photography by Janek Sedlar

Breathtaking Nature Photography by Janek Sedlar

Have you ever wondered who takes these amazing nature pictures that people use as backgrounds? Well… I think I just found one of them, and his photographs are breathtaking. Janek Sedlar is a young photographer from the Czech Republic, he self taught himself to take amazing nature photography.

Janek graduated high school where he majored in the arts, with a focus on ceramics. His relationship with photography started not long after, when he borrowed his father’s camera and took the first shot. That moment set him on a new path to become a great photographer. He seriously took his role as a photographer at 2011, when he was 24.

Janek has always had the itch to photograph the countryside. His favorite place to take photos of, even today, is the protected natural reservation of the White Carpathians. When he sets off to work, he prefers to work alone, so he can better connect with nature. His photo session usually lasts for 2-3 days. He walks a lot, as he feels it helps him clear his mind and let creativity sneak in. Being alone with nature, allows him to become one with his surroundings. He likes to experience what is around him with all his senses. This is the feeling that Janek wants to convey to people when they look at his photographs.

After taking the photos, Janek processes them and paints them freely. The final result doesn’t necessarily have a hold on reality. His desire is to take the viewer through a journey, and he intuitively morphs the images to their dream like state.

Have a look at some of his nature photography below, and head over to his site, if you want to witness some more of his amazing work.





Kdy-cesta-uzdravuje-dui1-1024x684 nature photography





Sen-ve-snu-1024x680 nature photography




Touha-putovat-1024x680 nature photography





I stumbled upon Janek Sedlar work on boredpanda, and I’m thankful for that.

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