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Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

Bartek Elsner is a German graphic designer, located in Berlin. He defines himself as a multidisciplinary designer, doing art direction, illustration, graphic design and more. All of these practices are quite common, but there is one thing that he does that is quite out of the ordinary. Bartek uses cardboard to design and sculpt elements in the real world. He creates his cardboard sculptures using some masking tape, cutting knife and various sheets of cardboard. The use of cardboard is his selection of materials, since it’s widely available, and easy to work with.

Among the cardboard statues that Bartek created you can find a chainsaw, giant size speakers, fireplace and crow on a tree. It’s really stunning to see the final outcome, since the initial design is really quite rough and raw.

Take a look at some of his creations below, and head over to his paper stuff site to see some more of them.



branch 2


Cardboard Sculptures






Cardboard Sculptures


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