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Cartoon Illustrations by Albino Raven, aka Glen Brogan

Cartoon Illustrations by Albino Raven, aka Glen Brogan

I’ve been following the works of Glen Brogan for years now. His style of cartoon illustrations, always found a favorable spot in me. The toned down color palette, and the feel, as if the illustrations were made decades ago, fascinated me.

Glen Brogan, or as he likes to call himself, Albino Raven, is a true artist. He never abandoned his initial spark of childish creativity. Being able to swim inside the “art” world is not easy for someone that draws cartoons. You might be considered as a not “serious” artist. Yet, being true to his creations, Glen was able to break through. He now sells his works in some well known galleries.

For Glen, Cartooning is a super complex medium. It holds a world of emotions and scenarios that can be an endless source of inspiration. He believes that “the style and sense of humor it requires, is an art form all to itself”.

Check out some of his his cartoon illustrations below, or head over to his Albino Raven Blog, or Instagram page.

heroes of the galaxy

mad max

last man on earth


cat woman

codex sword


crazy 4 cult classic movies Cartoon Illustrations


fire fighter






penn and teller

pit stop Cartoon Illustrations


snow white

the walking dead

tv watching

tvmemories Cartoon Illustrations


arcade girls



All the images in the post are the sole property of Glen Brogan, aka Albino Raven.


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