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Custom, 3D Printing, Portrait Cookie Cutters by Copypastry

Custom, 3D Printing, Portrait Cookie Cutters by Copypastry

You know the feeling when come across someone that is so cute, you just want to grab him and ‘eat him up’? Up until lately I always thought about this phrase as nothing more than a show of affection. But then I came across a clever use of a 3D printer technology, to create these super cute cookie cutters. Now, whenever I say it, thanks to the Copypastry Etsy shop, I can literally imagine myself eating that person as a cookie.

Krisztina Bozzai from Budapest, is the 24 years old product designer, that handles the creation of Copypastry. Copypastry custom cookie cutters are based on a photo or a drawing people send to Kriszti. The image gets processed, and a digital drawing is made from it. Using the digital image, a mold is printed using a 3D printing technology. The cookie cutters are fully reusable, and the final cookies are a real attraction when served as a special desert.

If you feel like surprising someone for the holidays, you should hurry up to Copypastry Etsy shop. The official notice on the page is that in order to make it, and get the cookie cutters in time, orders must be made until the 6th of December. But who knows, you might get them in time, if you’re  lucky.

cookie face

custom cookie cutter



custom cookie

cookie process

cookie cutters




policeman cookie



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