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Digital Women Illustrations by Lois Van Baarle, aka Loish

Digital Women Illustrations by Lois Van Baarle, aka Loish

Like many other professional illustrators, Lois Van Baarle started painting the second she could hold a pencil. This amazingly talented, Dutch illustrator, developed her style throughout the years, by teaching herself. Her stunning collection of digital women illustrations is something that comes naturally to her. At the age of 16 Lois got her 1st tablet. She had been drawing in that digital medium ever since, finding it “to be the most efficient and flexible medium to work in!”.

Setting a goal for herself to become a professional digital creator, she spent a few years studying animation. She thought it would be a good choice in expanding her drawing capabilities. That choice was a wise one, since she became a full time freelance for hire in the illustration/animation scene straight out of school. Being active online, and selling some of her work, also contributed to her ability to sustain herself while doing what she loves most.

The tools Lois uses to create her stunning digital illustrations are what you expect any professional illustrator to use: Adobe Photoshop and a 24HD Wacom Cintiq. Lois uses a fairly short list of brushes for her digital women illustrations projects. She was kind, and gathered a set of the brushes she uses, for people to use, over at this deviant art page.

Lois is just about to publish her 1st book “The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes“. The book tells the story of how she got to obtain her drawing style also. It will include a big collection of her works, Some tutorials, tips and inspiration materials. I, personally, can’t wait for it to come out.

Up until the title will be published, check out her site, and see a sample of her works below. Check out her society6 page, if you want to own a part of her digital women illustrations masterpieces.


visage - blue






cat and flu

Centre National du Jeu

commission trio




Ginger Citrus

glow in the dark




Lua Suicide




OUAM Agent Red Velvet

OUAM bailey's irish cream





Smoking Fish

the Art of Loish

toasterbot ride

1 million


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