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DIY Low Poly Animal Masks for Halloween by Wintercroft

DIY Low Poly Animal Masks for Halloween by Wintercroft

Halloween is just around the corner. It would be appropriate to have some kind of post, that relates to the greatest holiday of them all.

At first, I thought I should do a pumpkin carving kind of post. But I couldn’t find anything good enough, so I decided to give that one up.

Instead, I decided to write about something that can help people. Make them look super cool. A unique costume idea. I started browsing, and found the Wintercroft’s Etsy page. They make amazing, do it yourself, low poly animal masks. Now if you want something different for this Halloween, something different – Wintercroft animal masks is that thing.

animal mask set

Steve and Marianne Wintercroft are a married couple from the UK. Steve used to be a carpenter. One day he was invited to a friend’s Halloween party, but had no costume. Short on time, he gathered some cardboard boxes, and an hour later he made himself a handmade animal mask. The reactions were AMAZING. So good, that he decided to perfect the mask design, and create a template out of it. Now, anyone can recreate it.

Not long after, The Wintercrofts opened their own, very successful Etsy page. On it, they sell all their wearable low poly masks. Creating a handmade mask, goes along with their life philosophy. Being environmentally conscious with whatever they produce, and recycle.


The Wintercrofts supply their easy to make, DIY animal masks templates with detailed instructions, that can be digitally purchased and instantly downloaded. If you are short on time, or want to stand out with your Halloween costume, check out what they have to offer in the Wintercroft Etsy store.







Bison-Mask Animal Masks


Fancy Fox Mask



viking mask

thor mask

goat mask

deer mask


Moose Mask



  1. Alivia

    DIY 3D animal and superhero mask templates:

  2. Verenique

    Good day

    Where can I download the Rhino mask

    • pixelmaster

      on wintercroft page here: link

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