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Eiko Ojala Paper with Digital Illustrations

Eiko Ojala Paper with Digital Illustrations

Eiko Ojala is an Estonian illustrator. His illustrations are made with paper, that he later enhances with some digital work. I love it how he uses minimal shapes and lines and plays with the depth of the paper medium.

His clients are some of the major publication and companies like the New Yorker, the Washington post and IBM. He was also featured in some of the major online sites like Fubiz, Adobe inspire and the New York Times.

Have a look on some his amazing minimal paper illustration below. Make sure you go and check out his Behance page or his official site to be inspired by his other works.


Eiko Ojala what you hear

Eiko Ojala woman

Eiko Ojala handcuffs

Eiko Ojala Ilves-1

Eiko Ojala Asterix1

Eiko Ojala Asterix2

Eiko Ojala NY Times

Eiko Ojala New Yorker

Eiko Ojala new york

Eiko Ojala trumpet

Eiko Ojala vlaanderen

Eiko Ojala travel

Eiko Ojala foot on face

Eiko Ojala man with vase

Eiko Ojala man with hat

Eiko Ojala mountains

Eiko Ojala spaceship

Eiko Ojala The Duke of Burgundy


All images rights belong to Eiko Ojala.

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