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Exploding Skeleton & Skull Illustrations by Paul Jackson

Exploding Skeleton & Skull Illustrations by Paul Jackson

A Skull Illustrations can be one of the corniest elements in the illustration world, when done poorly. But when it’s done the right way, with great style and thoughtfulness, it’s a thing to admire. Such is the case with illustrator Paul Jackson from Toronto. Paul’s surreal illustrations could easily be thought of as grotesque or hard to consume, but since they are so anatomically precise and fantastically crafted, you just can’t hold yourself from stoppingĀ  and admiring them.

Paul Jackson started to draw at the age of 5, so he always knew he had the talent in him. He was a musician up until 2008. During those years he used to do some small design projects on the side, while performing, but back in those days the band took most of his time. His career as a professional illustrator though, didn’t begin before 2008, when his band broke up. Only then he decided to pursue his new career path.

Most of Paul’s illustrations are done in black and white with the use of pen and ink. The subjects of drawings are usually exploding skeletons and skull illustrations of animals and humans, done in a photo realistic manner. Each drawing takes several hours to complete, and Paul likes to work on several projects at the same time. The inspiration for his creation is driven from the movies, and artists like MC Esher, Chuck Close and James Rosenquist. Paul’s works are a bit eccentric, and by his own words: “I am a lover of the dark and macabre, I like being taken away to fantasy lands that are uneasy and odd“.

Check out some of his works below, or on his Tumblr & Instagram pages.


bear mural







Jesus Skull


Lion closeup

lion skull color

lion skull

man skull

monkey brain

monkey skull

monkey space



Skull Illustrations

Skull Illustrations2



Skull Illustrations vempire

wolf front


woman horns closup

Skull Illustrations Woman horns skull


_frog 2


bat closeup2



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