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Augmented reality is the future. No question about it. And augmented reality gaming is what will become the next best thing. Everyone around are in the hype of virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift. And although the experience the rift provides is really amazing, it still disconnects you from the real world. Now… Some people may really like that, but me personally, I prefer to play with real people in the real world. Nothing is more real than the real world. Augmented reality gives you the ability to add a layer on top of live images, and by that enhance the way you consume everything around you.

I just came across a killer new indiegogo crowd funding project called The promise of the project is to turn the entire world into an augmented reality multiplayer FPS (First person shooter). The user gets a small device called “Inceptor”. The device is attached to the back of the phone. At that point, the phone is used in a “laser tag” kind of a game. The device is equipped with multiple sensors, and an infrared beam, that turns the phone into a virtual gun.

The story of is also quite appealing, and gives the game another layer of depth. Players can claim real life sections upon planet earth. The game is also played as a “Starcraft” kind of strategy game. You need to harvest resources in order to advance and win territories. The app of the game is free to download (right now in beta) and play.

There are just a few more days before the indiegogo crowd sourcing project is over. Make sure to get your hands on a few of those “Inceptors” before they are gone.









  1. Angel Jesus Sanchez Caceres

    Sadly, a VR tech just applied to a KILLING GAME…. then, that is how we have violence evrywhere

    • pixelmaster

      I’m not so sure. we have violence because of people, not because of games. i feel games help to ease the pressure, not ignite it.

    • PhilipSpark

      So an idiot with a phone barges past me whilst I’m carrying two bags of shopping, sending me flying. Suddenly that augmented reality becomes a very real punch in the face for that idiot.
      Just saying

  2. Alex

    Unless this phone is strapped to your face this is probably not going to work. It’s going to be really hard to run, avoid obstacles and do targeting with your phone. Also good luck getting more than 2 people to play this, it’s hard enough to get people to play anything other than beer-pong these days.

  3. Dotpeach

    “Augmented reality is the future. No question about it. And augmented reality gaming is what will become the next best thing. ” What a dumb way to begin an article. People said the exact same thing about motion gaming and nobody is talking about it anymore.

    Don’t be so cocky about things you can’t predict at all.

    • pixelmaster

      not cocky – it’s just wishful thinking.

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