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Fontself – Design Fonts Easily in Adobe Illustrator

Fontself – Design Fonts Easily in Adobe Illustrator

I know from way back, that creating a font was something super tedious. You had to use special software. It was a nightmare. So counter intuitive and complicated that you had to fight through it, in order to create your designs.

That was true, until a friend referred me to a super cool plugin for illustrator called fontself.

This little plugin removed all the barriers for me. Now, all I need to do is just drag my designed ABC letters into their designated slots, and vuala! I have my own font. How easy is that? Drag and drop to design fonts.

Fontself first started as a side project for 3 guys: Pierre Terrier, Marc Escher and Franz Hoffman. They had a “simple” idea in mind: create the world’s most user-friendly font creation tool. Indie dev style. Not a simple task, but I think they did a pretty good job delivering it.

To make their idea happen, they went on to kickstarter and got 760 backers to support them in fulfilling their idea. They managed to build the plugin, and since they had such a great success, they are now devoting their time to develop more tools that will help creative people.

Unfortunately, Fontself is currently just for illustrator. But the great guys at Fontself are promising a photoshop version coming soon. When that comes out, I’m sure the possibilities will be endless.

Check out this neat little plugin if you ever wanted to design fonts easily. There’s nothing like having your own extra little touch in your designs.

design fonts in illustrator - fontself

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