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Funny Kitchen Utensils and Tools by Studio OTOTO

Funny Kitchen Utensils and Tools by Studio OTOTO

I have always been a big fan of mystery and fantasy tales. Big foot, the Boggy man, Dracula… You name them, I was fascinated by them. I collected a lot of figurines, as a kid, and made up stories when I played with them. Now that I’m all grown up, I have less of them around, mostly because my daughters lost some.

A few days ago while I was browsing around the net, I came across these amazing kitchen utensils from studio OTOTO, and among them I saw Mamma Nessie and Nessie. These whimsical kitchen tools brought a nice smile on my face. They have the perfect balance of play-ability and usefulness. I can now buy another monster fantasy memorabilia, and since it is something useful, I have less chance of loosing it, and an excuse not to let my daughters play with it.

Studio OTOTO is an Israeli, Tel-Aviv based industrial design studio. The meaning of its name is “any minute now”. The philosophy of the studio is that great ideas can come to the surface at any given moment, and the great next idea is just around the corner. The studio started developing products on a small scale, and slowly, but steadily, have grown their product offering, mostly in the area of the kitchen utensils field.

Browsing around their product collection, I could find a lot of items that are really funny and clever. The founders, Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner, are making it a priority to have a sense of humor in all of their products. Apparently it is working, since the demand for their products are continuously growing, and their unique products can now be found in museums, art galleries and design expos.

Check out some of the products below, or on their site. If you want to get a unique green color for Nessie, then head over to the SOHO shop – they have it exclusively.

Mamma Nessie in soup Mamma Nessie in soup2
both_Nessie Nessie kitchen screw bottle Soap dispenser steam releaser tea open umbrela Umbrella tea yellow submarine open yellow submarine
fruit bowl
key holder and hook


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