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Enormous Grass Mural by SAYPE

Enormous Grass Mural by SAYPE

The green hills of Switzerland are a quiet place. Perfect for rest and relaxation. I didn’t expect to see a gentle giant resting on the side of a mountain there. But I did. It was the latest grass mural an artist named SAYPE did.

His latest graffiti grass mural set a new world record, being almost 10,000 square meters in size. It’s so big, it took a week to complete.

SAYPE is sensitive about nature. He spent a year developing his own mix of colors. Creating his own kind of colors that are biodegradable. This means that the grass and land that he uses the colors on are not harmed or damaged in the creation process.

SAYPE murals don’t last forever. You can only enjoy them for a few weeks. Afterward, they are extinct, and nature goes back to its original state.

SAYPE has been painting since the age of 14. As a self-taught artist, without formal art educations, it only took 2 years until he featured some of his graffiti work in a gallery. He still works on canvases. Showcasing his work on his site and various galleries.

Check out some of his work below, and head over to his site to see some more of his works.

resting grass mural


SAYPE woman grass mural




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