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IKEA TETRIS Game and a Wedding Proposal

IKEA TETRIS Game and a Wedding Proposal

Playing digital games is fun. Most people play them on their computer or on a console. The games that come out these days are mind blowing, really… You can actually feel as if you are inside the game. But the real hardcore gamers, or should I say the elders of the gang, can feel a great love, to the original first digital games. Games like Pong, Snake and TETRIS. Those were the games we played on our first Atari cassette game console, and afterward on our Nokia mobile phones. Times have changed and nowadays, you are able to play your own IKEA TETRIS game with your furniture.

Using a raspberry pie, a few lines of code, and a lot of wiring & LEDs, Øyvind Berntsen from Norway made the ultimate internet of things TETRIS game. The game is totally playable with a game controller. I wish IKEA will come up with these kind of furniture line for gamers. They would sell like hot buns.

The IKEA TETRIS game is actually the second phase of the IKEA’s shelf interactive game. The original game Øyvind did was a snake game. He used the RP++ to create the game, as a wedding proposal to his fiance. He let her play the game and at the end of it, he showed an 8bit ring image. She then approached the lighted shelf to find a jewelry box with a ring waiting for her. This will be a great story to tell their grandchildren one day.

On a side note, few people know it, but I proposed to my wife in a somewhat similar geeky way. I prepared a flash presentation and placed it in the middle of the desktop screen. Once she played it, she saw an animation that at the end of it, she got a small box opening and a ring in it. Luckily she said yes, although it was a virtual ring. Not as cool as what Øyvind did, but good enough for my wife.

Doing these kind of interactive furniture games is amazing. All you need is some LEDs, a basic computer processor and an IKEA KALLAX shelf. It gets me thinking, and hopeful, that we will see more of these kind of IOT interactions in the near future. Maybe on a commercial basis?



I first saw this IKEA TETRIS story on the nerdiest, so great find by them, spotting this gem of a story.

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