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INPUT/OUTPUT – A Short Surrealist Video by Terri Timely

INPUT/OUTPUT – A Short Surrealist Video by Terri Timely

I’ve always loved the great surrealism masters: Salvador Dali, RenĂ© Magritte, Max Ernst and others. There was always a sense of mystery and surprise in their works. These surrealism masters painted amazing images. Yet, the leap toward moving pictures was never quite successful. Watching the latest short surrealist video by Terri Timely made me change my mind. In their latest release, called “INPUT / OUTPUT”, they examine the possibility of a different outcome, for common everyday activities. The video actually made me stop and think… What if something else would have happened. The outcome of the scenes is so humorous, packed with lots of hidden gems. In the split screen shots, you can even see certain scenes affecting the other scenes – a true delight.

Terri Timely is actually a due team, Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. They’ve been working together since 2002 after meeting at UC Berkeley. The “INPUT / OUTPUT” project was a personal project of theirs. Park Pictures helped them produce and finance the film.

INPUT/OUTPUT from Terri Timely on Vimeo.

When I asked them, where did they get the inspiration to their surrealist video, they replied:

“We are always coming up with visual ideas for music videos or commercial projects and sometimes we start to see common themes. Input Output was one where we kept being drawn to the idea of everyday actions (turning on a light switch, changing the station on a TV, squeezing toothpaste, etc) having unexpected results.”

I was also curious about the tools, and how long did it take them to create the video:

“We shot on the RED epic and RED dragon. Edited in Final Cut pro 7 and did all the fx work in After FX. We shot the project between commercial project over about 2 years. It was a lot testing and figure out how the in camera fx would work and overall we did about 5 days of shooting. The post took around 6 months (again between commercials), it probably could have been a lot faster but we did all the post ourselves.”

I’m looking forward for their future projects, hoping they will be just as good. If you wish to contact any of them, you can do so by email at: or

01-input-output girl and dog

02-smoke paste

03-melting drink - Surrealist Video

04-windy garden

05-ball of balls

06-striped tv

07-keyboard home key

08-hitting the nail - Surrealist Video

09-split fire paste

10-split 4- 1

11-split 4- Surrealist Video

12-split 9

13-party dog

14-input output title


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