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Killer Tools and Services to Launch and Build Successful Startup

Killer Tools and Services to Launch and Build Successful Startup

It’s been a while since i got a chance to share something new with you guys. Things have been busy, so i didn’t get a chance. I decided to share with you some of the tools I’ve been using for the past few months on my other projects. Hope they will come in hand. So…..

Is building a startup your New Year resolution for 2018?

If so, be prepared for a lot of hard work and tough decisions, because when you are a startup founder, everything rests on your shoulders.

But there are ways to make your life a little bit easier. Having the right tools is one of them. In this article, I’ll list my favorite tools and services that helped me in my business. I hope they will help you in yours, too!



Do you want your blog to look great but don’t want to spend a lot of money on web design?

Undsgn is an award-winning ThemeForest Elite author team that has been creating WordPress themes since 2008.

Their theme Uncode is built for great performance, it’s extremely flexible, and looks amazing. Moreover, it only costs $59, so it’s very affordable. It’s also considered to be one of the top 6 creative themes of all time!




Think about your work process. Are all communications scattered between email, Facebook messenger, Skype, Slack, and a bunch of other tools? If so, you have a problem because this way of working is unsustainable, especially if you run a remote team.

ActiveCollab is a project management app that offers you tools for team collaboration, task management, and even creating invoices. Most importantly, it allows you to keep all the communications and all the data in one place!




Do you know how sometimes you need some small graphic design thing and you have to hire a designer even when it seems silly to spend so much money on something so small?

Well, with Crello, you can do most of these tasks yourself, even if you have no graphic design skills. It’s a simple three-step process: choose a design format, pick a template, and then customize everything. It’s very easy and you’ll be amazed at the quality of the end result!


It’s hard to avoid using WordPress. Not that there’s any reason to – it’s an excellent content management system that powers more than 25% of the entire Internet. But it can be somewhat confusing when you are just starting out.

This is why WPKube is such a great resource. They cover everything from picking hosting and installing WordPress to more advanced topics like WordPress security. There’s no need to stumble in the dark. Do you have WordPress questions? WPKube has your answers!




You might be tempted to save money on design and go with one of the free WordPress themes. Don’t! Free themes look okay, but they won’t give your blog that professional look that inspires trust in customers.

MeridianThemes is a company that offers excellent WordPress themes that are fast, reliable, and beautiful. Want a professional look? Get one of their themes. At the price range of $49 – $59, you have no excuse!




Do you know how sometimes there are these pesky tasks like building an online form that can be a real headache if you don’t have any coding skills?

Well, 123FormBuilder is here to make your life easier by allowing you to create all kinds of online forms yourself (from simple contact forms to surveys, event registration forms, and more), no coding skills required!




You might be surprised by how many high-quality photos you’ll need for your startup. Homepage, blog posts, marketing materials… But where can you get those quality photos if you can’t afford a professional photographer?

I can tell you where everyone else gets them – stock photo websites. Professional photographers take photos, upload them to the website, and then people like you can purchase them. But there are so many of these websites. Which one is the best?

In my opinion, DepositPhotos is the one you should go with, because they have over 60 million files already, plus their photos are royalty-free, which means there are no legal nuances regarding their usage.




You have probably heard that social media marketing is essential for business success online. But how can you find time to keep up with all the social media networks? There are just so many of them!

Viraltag can help you with that. It’s a social media marketing tool created specifically for sharing visuals. It allows you to schedule posts and recycle evergreen content from a single dashboard. It will save you a lot of time and help you get ahead in social media no matter how busy you are.



Instagrowth Ninja

Instagram has the potential to be the secret source of your social marketing strategy. The problem is that it’s really, really crowded. So how can you stand out in the sea of other businesses clamoring for attention?

Instagrowth Ninja can help you with that. They will identify your target audience and interact with them 24/7 (literally!). This way buzz will start to build up around your brand. And it’s going to happen because real people will be talking about you!




You might want to optimize your process now, while you are still in the beginning phase of your business because once things pick up the pace, it’s going to be harder to do that.

Salesmate can help you to optimize your sales pipeline, develop great relationships with customers, and make more sales. You know what all that means in the long run? It means more money!




When starting out a new business, often you just have the drive to make a change in your life. You don’t have a solid idea, experience or budget to make it work. Luckily, new entrepreneurs can always try drop shipping and Oberlo makes is as easy as possible to import products from AliExpress and Oberlo Supply Marketplace.

With a free plan tier for those receiving less than 500 orders per month, this is the perfect way to test the dropshipping waters.



As you can see, picking the right tools can save you a lot of time and money, especially when you are just starting out and the budget is tight.

So don’t be stingy here. Get these tools and services. It will be worth it in the long run!


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