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Kinetic Dust Dancers by Photographer Alexander Yakovlev

Kinetic Dust Dancers by Photographer Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander Yakovlev is a photographer from Moscow, Russia. Alexander Specializes in photographing professional dancers, in a way that even though the image is still, you can see and feel the movement in it. He is able to capture the motion in the moment. In his latest set of shots, he was able to take his mastery a step further. Using dust-like flour, he was able to add an additional layer of effect to the image, emphasizing the continues movement in that brief moment the picture was taken at. His dust dancers made the pictures come alive.

Alexander takes great pride in his work, he believes that his pictures should speak for themselves, and he shouldn’t add any addition explanations to them. Capturing just the right moment in time is a gift, and he does a great job at it, just likeĀ Brett Stanley Underwater Photography shots. Alexanders images are not too rich in color, a fact that makes the movement in them a more prominent player. The exploding dust makes you feel as if the image itself is moving, yet you can feel the serenity in it.

If you feel like seeing more of Alexanders work, and i encourage you to so so, check out his site or his instagram account.

dust dancers


dust dancers



Dust Dancers2

Dust Dancers3

Dust Dancers4







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