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LEGO Figure Portraits That Look Like You – Two Three Bricks

LEGO Figure Portraits That Look Like You – Two Three Bricks

One of the most popular games around the world is LEGO. Having the possibility to create my own scenes from these blocks provided hours of fun to me. When I was a child, I was placing small LEGO men within the structures I built. I imagined myself as a the person that lives within all these mass buildings. It was as if I am playing within a movie I created. Back then, the customization of LEGO figures was not that great. Years had passed, and now the brand is so wildly developed, that you can find any piece you imagine, and create whatever comes into your mind.

Two Three Bricks are a duo, Harris and Stephanie, from Singapore, that are jumping upon the customization LEGO figure wagon. They provide a unique and fun service. You send them a photo of yourself and they will create, a digital hi-res photo of your customized LEGO figure portrait.

hat LEGO Figure

They started selling their service on fiver, and after gaining a lot of popularity decided to open their own site. They now provide the service directly to their customers. They even take requests for the figures to wear disguises or hold extra objects. You can use the image as a profile avatar, use in a CV document, or print it out and hang on the wall.

star-wars LEGO Figure

If you decide to get a customized LEGO figure, Two Three Bricks images are digitally supplied, so its just a matter of downloading them. The image size is 3000×2000 pixels, at 300dpi. This image size makes sure it’s OK to print it on a 25.40cm x 16.93cm paper without any trouble.


At a cost of $5 for an image, you shouldn’t think too much if you should get one. They even have some pre-made adorable images of famous characters and movies you can buy. Check out some of the images, and make sure you visit their site to get more information and see more stuff.











Profile-Frontpage-LEGO Figure



  1. Harris

    Thanks for the feature guys! 🙂

    • pixelmaster

      With pleasure. Feel free to link back to us ;). Keep on the great work.

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