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Lexus Hoverboard is Real, and I’m Disappointed!

Lexus Hoverboard is Real, and I’m Disappointed!

After a few good weeks of teasing and giving scraps of video clips and information, the Lexus team had finally released their full Hoverboard project. And I am deeply disappointed. It’s not that the Hoverboard is not doing what they had promised, it does, but… but… there’s nothing new under the sun. All they did was package something that had been done before in a crude way, into some stylish designed package. And that’s it!

After all that hype that was built around it, I was waiting for the next level. Some brand new development, that will allow it to ride everywhere within the park. Watching the video, it is clearly apparent that the Hoverboard is sticking to a single course, no deviations, although they are trying to avoid from saying it. Impressive as it is, I am selfish, and I wanted more!

After all that hype, it came down to a simple and impressive promotional video. Sad. And sticking the car in the video was not done in a real polished way either, it just slid into the skate park, as a foreign object jammed into the frame.

Check out the video below, or visit their official project site, I would love to hear your thought also. Drop me a comment.









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