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Life Sized Big LEGO Blocks from EverBlock™

Life Sized Big LEGO Blocks from EverBlock™

Ever since I was a small boy, I always loved creating stuff, drawing, sculpting, even sewing (which is a bit strange for a boy, I admit, but I did it too). Creating something from nothing, always brought me joy. As a child, I always imagined what if the things I created will become big and materialize in real life, as I’m sure most of you did too. So when I came across these big Lego blocks from EverBlock™ systems, I was ecstatic. Finally, I could build something that could be real in life-sized scale. The hours of joy I spent as a child putting together brick to brick, just became a possible reality.

Lego, being one of the most popular games around the world, usually comes with a built in theme in each pack, which is nice, but the real fun is unleashing your creativity, and trying to create different things from them bricks. Since the building blocks in the packs are modular, there really is no limit to what you can do with them. EverBlock™ Lego blocks, have just the same modular structure capability embedded in their design. The blocks themselves come in several physical sizes, and in 4 kind of bricks, plus a few extra accessories that add additional usable features to the structures. Since color is also a great key for creativity, there is a choice of 12 colors to play with, closely resembles to the classic Lego game.

big lego blocks

The great variety of projects you can make from these blocks is amazing, from a simple shelf or table, up to a real life sized room that people can stay in. Just like real Lego, the bricks can be cleaned, and are waterproof, so the kids can play with them outside, and I don’t have to worry that they will be ruined, or get lost.

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, I started strolling around EverBlock™ site, and I came across their 3D building simulator. WOW!. Having the possibility to play around with the blocks, and virtually building the models I want to create is great. This way I can plan whatever it is I want to build, look at it from all sides, choose the colors I want to use, and in the end, they even let me save the image and ask for a price quote, for the amount of the bricks I used. Its like ordering my own LEGO set, and building a real life-sized model of it.

I really love this thing. It made me dig deep into the closet, and pull out my daughter’s over-sized classic LEGO box. We are now in the process of creating something girly for her.

Check out some example of what people did with these big LEGO blocks below.





Big LEGO Blocks

Big LEGO Blocks


big lego blocks



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    now this is lego being put to some real use


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