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LUNA – Reaching Out for the Moon and Touching it, Literally!

LUNA – Reaching Out for the Moon and Touching it, Literally!

A few years back there was this crazy rush of people to go and buy a piece of land on the moon. Yes… The moon. When I first heard about it, I was shocked. How the hell can someone buy a place on the moon, if nobody really owns it? I want to believe that that thing was some kind of a scam sting operation by a clever crook, and not something real, since I don’t want the moon to belong to anyone. Especially since we can’t get there yet, or at least most of us can’t get there yet.

So… After stating that I don’t think anyone should own the moon, I want to make some sort of an exception. It’s been a while since I wrote about a crowdfunding project that I thought was really nice and inspiring. “LUNA” is just that kind of a project. LUNA, by Acorn studio, is an actual creation that lets you own your own personal moon. Being a lamp, the actual product is not just useful, it instantly becomes a magical piece of art, where ever you place it. Just like any good art, it grabs you on a deep emotional level, and that’s when you know it is just right.

“LUNA” comes in a great variety of sizes, starting from 3.2 inch, and up to massive 23.6 inch. Each of the moon balls is hand crafted, so there’s that personal touch to each and every one of them. Luna is durable, water and heat resistant also. Another great thing to this moon shaped lamp is that it comes with a dimmer, that lets you control the intensity of the light, so you can adjust the right atmosphere you want in the room. As far as it being an element in the room, it takes all the attention, instantly, so better not put it in an already crowded room.

Check out the indiegog LUNA page for some more great information, and the possibility to own one of your own. I’m considering to buy one, just so I can tell my mom that I finally reached and touched the moon.

spread in garder

reach for the moon


moon sizes

moon romance

dino on the moon

Kid hug

Moon in hand

moon lamp kitchen




  1. maayan

    I like these moon lamps.
    What is their price?


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