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Miniature and Colorful Glass Figures by Glass Symphony

Miniature and Colorful Glass Figures by Glass Symphony

Good things come in small packages. This saying is so true when you describe the miniature glass figures of Glass Symphony. The amount of vibrant colors and details that is infused into these tiny creations is phenomenal. Some of these figures can easily rest on the tip of your finger. I can hardly believe that they are made entirely from glass.

Glass Symphony is actually the store name of Ukraine based artist, Nikita Drachuk. Each of Nikita’s miniature glass figures is unique, since it is handmade by him. You can define any of them as a small piece of art. Among the creations you can find: nature and domestic animals, birds, fish, plants and much more.

Technically speaking, Nikita is using a technique called lampwork to create his art. In order to make the glass a matter he can work with, it is heated to a temperature of 1800 degrees. In that heat he can bend, shape and transform the glass into whatever he wants it to be.

Have a look at some of the creations below. If you want to see some more of his amazing art, head over to his etsy page.



black octopus



stork and frog Glass Figures





blue octopus

orange fish

black cat

smiling octopus Glass Figures

green snake



sea turtle

green octopus


Glass Figures





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