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OAKOAK – Street Artist with a Great Sense of Humor

OAKOAK – Street Artist with a Great Sense of Humor

A few years back I stumbled upon a real life photo, of calvin and hobbes sliding in a sled down a rail. Now I’m a huge fan of calvin and hobbes, and that photo became my desktop photo for a whole year, and it was extremely hard to let go of it when I decided to change it. A few days ago, while browsing online, I came across that same image and a sense of joy filled me, followed by a big smile. The happiness that came over me, is exactly what OAKOAK, a french street artist from Saint Etienne, wanted to achieve while he created it.

OAKOAK treats the streets as his own private playground. As a street artist, his mission, as he defines it, is to “find the imperfections in the street and walls and try to play with them“. The urban surroundings is his canvas, and his aim is to improve it. He tries to amuse the passengers, and make them smile.

You can check out his site for a collection of his works. He also recently released a book called “Oak Oak, Urban Diversion”, with a collection of his works from the years 2007 through 2014.

Check out some of his funny and humorous creations below, and my favorite calvin and hobbes image at the top, of course 🙂

_Calvin & Hobbes

_Calvin & Hobbes2

Alice in Wonderland

Street Artist Bender

Bruce Lee

Charlie Chaplin and the Kid Street Artist

Chuck Norris and the bus



Happy birthday



I’m a lier


King Kong

La funambule

Le funambule

Les ciseaux

marchmallow world

Mechanical mouse






sideshow Bob

Sideshow bob2



The escape

The factory


We are free

Where is waldo

yellow submarine

Yoda vs Vador




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