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On August 5th, Lexus Will Reveal Their Hoverboard

On August 5th, Lexus Will Reveal Their Hoverboard

In 2 days time, Lexus in going to officially reveal their hoverboard project. I have to tell you that I am excited about it, but also, at the same time, have mixed feeling about this one.

A few weeks ago, in my previous post about the project, “How Does the Lexus Hoverboard Works?“, I tried to explain and guess how this technology might work. The more I think about it, I really hope that Lexus won’t disappoint viewers, and they will truly deliver a piece of magic from ‘back to the future’. It should be spectacular, or they might as well just avoid from shattering my childhood dream.

In order to increase the anticipation of the crowd, Lexus had released a new set of video teasers for the project on its official site. This time we have many more images of the hoverboard sliding, and of people interacting with it, but we still don’t get to see anyone riding it, just walking beside it.

I guess we will get to see it work and know better in 2 days, on August 5th. Check out the videos below.







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