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Organic Polymer Clay Sculpting by Dilly Pad

Organic Polymer Clay Sculpting by Dilly Pad

When I was a little boy, my parents signed me up to a clay sculpting class. It was a year long class, and we did some really nice things in it. The adventure ended after one year, as I wasn’t that good at it. Things always crashed or cracked in the cooking process. A few years ago I gave it another try, with a polymer clay sculpting material called “Super Scupey“. I have to say this experience was much better, since the material was much easier to work with. I did some cute figures, but the amount of effort that went into making them made me quit after a short time. Maybe if I would have kept working at it, I would get better. And maybe one day get to the level of works Dilly Pad created.

Dilly Pad is actually the store name of Angela Schwer, a Californian based artist. Angela’s polymer clay sculpting technique allows her to create statues that feel as if they are alive. Among her ceramic art you can find various flower shaped statues and sea like creatures. The first time Angela worked with polymer clay was back in 2004. At the time she taught a group of art students to work with different mediums. A year later, when she became pregnant, she decided to be a stay at home mom, and sculpting with polymer clay allowed her to create her art in the spare time.

Check out some of her amazing sculptures below. You can also head over to her Etsy page to witness some more breath taking polymer clay sculpting creations.

Maitake Wall Tile

Organic species

Maitake Polymer Clay Sculpting

Dahlia Closed Bud


Succulent and Fungi EAT

Succulent Pod


Cherrystone Clam Clay



Iris Bouquet

Monogram Floral

Noreen Dahlia

Peonie Assemblage Polymer Clay Sculpting

Ranunculus Bloom

Scroll Coral Colony Art Tile

Sea Star

Sea Urchin Wall Sculpture



  1. Angela

    Thank you so much! This is beautifully written and I have to say, you are one of the first to get the material right. 🙂 I love working with polymer, and I hope people with one view of how the material works can see its many uses! Thanks again!

    • pixelmaster

      it was my pleasure. your works are wonderfully crafted. keep on the great work 🙂

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