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ORIS Watch Instagram Campaign by ArnoBrasco Agency

ORIS Watch Instagram Campaign by ArnoBrasco Agency

It’s not that often that I come across a social digital campaign that does a real nice job. Most of the time, ads online are pretty boring and just feel like more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised recently, by an Instagram campaign for the Swiss ORIS watch brand. The digital agency ArnoBrasco did a real nice job. They harnessed the built in features of Instagram’s social network, and its visual layout, to maximize the look & feel of this campaign.

The campaign was published in Turkey to celebrate the new launch of the ORIS brand there. ORIS watches are well known for their ability and durability in deep sea diving. ArnoBrasco created an “under the sea” journey in Instagram, in a treasure hunt kind of game. Users are supposed to search through the images for hidden watches, and tag & like the images. Each activity entitles the user to another chance to win some prizes. If a user wants to enter a chance and win one of ORIS prestige watches, he will needs take a photo in the theme of “sea, time or depth”. He then needs to upload it to Instagram, and add the #anewdiscovery hashtag to the image.

Check out the images “journey” below. Make sure you head over to the official Instagram campaign page to spot them watches. Good luck.

instagram-watch-search_01 instagram-watch-search_02 instagram-watch-search_03 Instagram Campaign instagram-watch-search_04 instagram-watch-search_05 instagram-watch-search_06 instagram-watch-search_07 instagram-watch-search_08 instagram-watch-search_09 instagram-watch-search_10 instagram-watch-search_11 instagram-watch-search_12 instagram-watch-search_13 instagram-watch-search_14 instagram-watch-search_15 instagram-watch-search_16 instagram-watch-search_17 instagram-watch-search_18 instagram-watch-search_19 instagram-watch-search_20 instagram-watch-search_21 instagram-watch-search_22 instagram-watch-search_23 instagram-watch-search_24 instagram-watch-search_25 instagram-watch-search_26 instagram-watch-search_27 instagram-watch-search_28 instagram-watch-search_29 instagram-watch-search_30 instagram-watch-search_31 instagram-watch-search_32 instagram-watch-search_33 instagram-watch-search_34 instagram-watch-search_35 instagram-watch-search_36 instagram-watch-search_37 instagram-watch-search_38 instagram-watch-search_39


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