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Pixel Art Movie Scenes – A Q&A with Gustavo Viselner

Pixel Art Movie Scenes – A Q&A with Gustavo Viselner

Whenever I get to see some great 8Bit pixel art illustration, I get nostalgic. I miss the old days (yes, I’m THAT old), where all the PC games were super awesome, had a great story and a very low graphic resolution – those were the days. The works of pixel art illustrator Gustavo Viselner sent me right back to those golden days. His marvelous illustrations, based on famous movie scenes, made me want to drop everything and go back to playing the good old quest games from Sierra and LucasArts. Games like: King’s Quest, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Leisure Suit Larry.

Gustavo is very kind, and he was willing to share some of his work with the blog. You can see some of his cool 8Bit pixel art illustrations below, as well as a short Q&A talk i had with him.


Can you share a brief intro about yourself?

“I was born in Argentina, and moved with my parents and sister to Israel when I was 3 years old. My father was into art and technology so he always tried to motivate me to draw, to use brushes and pencils and also new software like Corel Draw back in the 90’s. I thank him for that, because if it wasn’t for him, I would have spent ย all of my childhood days playing football and watching TV.
When I finished my military service, I went to study Animation in “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” and spent one semester in the “School of Visual Arts” in NYC, which really inspired me.
After my studies, I started working as a freelance illustrator and animator. I got lucky, because the gaming industry in Israel has just started to grow, so I focused on game-art in the last 3 years.
Nowadays, I’m the Art Director in a strategy games company, and continue to freelance for several companies aside with my own art.”


What made you decide to work in pixel art?

“A few years ago I was working on a game, that was intended to be pixel art styled. That was my first experience with pixel art, and my fears were replaced with great fun and pleasure. The game was never released, and I continued on to other projects. A few months ago, I made my own pixel art character, for my Facebook profile picture. It received good responses from friends and people I didn’t know, so it motivated me to do some more pixel art.”


How do you decide which movies and scenes you want to illustrate?

“My deepest disappointment from the gaming industry is the quality of most of the games based on movies. I love adventure games, and I grew up on “Gabriel Knight” so I wanted to show how movies can look like as adventure games.

I try to choose movies from different genres, and movies people never imagined as video games along with my own favorite movies.”


What is your favorite movie scene? Why?

“My childhood hero was Clint Eastwood’s Blondie from “The good, the bad and the ugly” and I just love that movie. It’s also the first piece I made, and I think it is my favorite one.
I also like the “Goldfinger” piece, it is less recognized, but I’m satisfied with the colors and the art style I used on that one.”


What is your typical work process? Are there any specific tools/software you work with?

“First, I choose the movie I want to work on. Then I search for an interesting scene, but not necessary the climax scene. Sometimes, I actually prefer to use less iconic scenes, I think it makes it a bit more interesting and fun.

Then I search for references, and I start working on the my piece. Usually I start with the characters, then work on the background and finish with color and composition corrections.

I use good old Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq, that’s a graphic pen tablet for designers.”


Can you share any future upcoming project?

“There are some projects I’m planning, one of them is about life in Israel. For now, I want to proceed with making more movie scenes.”


Where can people buy or find your art?

“In a few days I’m launching my Etsy online store: myPixelFriends

I will probably sell my art in other platforms, so you should follow me on Facebook or Twitter.”

Neverending Story Pixel2

pixel art HULK

I want to thank Gustavo, for his willingness to share his time and talking with me. If you want to see some more of his works, head over to his Behance page. If you feel like you got to have one of these amazing 8bit masterpieces, head over to his Etsy page.


  1. Luca Rosaldi

    These remind me so much of Monkey Island, I just have to download that game on my Mac to play it one more time!

    • pixelmaster

      totally. but play the original one, not the renewed one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lucas

    Son excelentes!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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