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Playing with Food – Bento Box Art by Mike Kravanis

Playing with Food – Bento Box Art by Mike Kravanis

I remember that as a kid, I used to sit down in front of my plate, and move around whatever food that was on it, to create shapes and characters. I also remember my grandma yelling at me:  ‘stop playing with the food, and eat it already’. As a kid you often get remarks about food playing, but what can you do if you got an adult that is playing around with food? That seems to be the situation with Mike Kravanis, that after a trip to japan, got inspired by the Bento box art of creating illustrations from food ingredients.

Bento is what you may call the traditional lunch box in japan. Some people invest a great deal of time in creating elaborate and detailed illustrations, inside those boxes, as a way to show their beloved ones how much they care for them. Mike Kravanis focuses most of his Bento box art around the creation of known Disney characters. That specific section of Bento art is better known as ‘Kyaraben’, which is creating popular characters with the use of food.

You can see a few of Kravanis’s extremely cute creations below, but i encourage you to head over to his instagram OMGiri page, where he has a collection of lots more of his Bento character images.

If you feel inspired too, and want to try and create some Bento box art by yourself, you might want to cheat a bit, and maybe use one of these cutters of cute penguins or pandas with your first try.




carrot_rabbit d6361b68a91811e3981d125fbb6fcb5c_8

disgust dog

donald_daisy donald_duck



fear fish







Bento box art mermaid

mouse octopus

panda phoo





rabbit_hole sadness

skitch tinkerbell

unicorn vilan

wallE alice_rabbit

anger balls


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