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QUEST – Simple and Fun To Do List App in 8 Bit

QUEST – Simple and Fun To Do List App in 8 Bit

From time to time I get to the point, that I have a lot things and tasks I have to do, and there is no way I can remember them all by heart. I had my share of experience with different to do list apps in the past: google keep,, and my favorite one, 24me, for its superb user experience. All of them did the trick, and helped me to make sure I won’t forget anything important.

I own an Android device, and so I am limited to apps that run on that platform. It is rare that I feel sorry for not owning an Apple iPhone, as I hate the walled garden strategy they run by. But, after seeing the 8bit to do list app QUEST, I really feel I am missing on something really good. QUEST, a task management app is looking so cute, with its 8 bit design and animations, I just can’t wait, and hope, that an Android version will be released soon. If you own an Apple device, consider yourselves lucky this time, and check out the app screens and video below. You can grab it on iTunes of course, and apparently there’s a cute Apple Watch version of the app too.

To Do List



To Do List








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