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Raphael Mortari Became a Pro Illustrator After Turning 30

Raphael Mortari Became a Pro Illustrator After Turning 30

Most illustrator can be easily recognized by their work style. Each one has a unique signature, a certain look & feel to their creations. Most of the time it makes perfect sense. Find your favorite style, improve upon it, and get commissioned to create illustrations in that style. In time, you will be able to call yourself a pro illustrator, and turn it into a profession.

There is another, not that common breed of illustrators. One that consciously decides, not having a certain style. Become versatile in multiple techniques and mediums, be all over the place. It is rare to find an illustrator that can take upon himself such a great commitment, and keep his works at a high level. Designer and illustrator, Raphael Mortari, is just one of these unique people. He can dive into a project, and invent himself all over again, every time. Raphael was very kind to speak with me and answer some questions. I was curious about him and his work. You can read them below, and have a look at some of his works. If you want to see some more works from this pro illustrator check out his Behance page.

When did you start illustrating, and how did you turn it into a profession?

“Since I was little, I used to spend a great part of my time sketching and painting my ideas. I have worked with many companies from the most different areas before I managed to do what I really liked. I have worked as electrician assistant, storekeeper, a janitor in an adult cinema and separating medicine. When I was almost 30 years old, after taking some advices and encouraged by my friends, I started to believe that illustration could become a real profession to me, and in fact, it really became.”

Estudo de cor

You seem to have several mediums and styles you like to work at, do you have a favorite one?

“A variety of visual styles appeal to me. Therefore, I always face my work as a new study. Being increasingly versatile is my goal, because in this way I am able to comply different jobs. It is hard to say which style pleases me more. I can tell that I like what I am producing in this moment, always looking for new solutions and adding new techniques to the ones I had already used before.”

Monky Pro Illustrator

What is your typical work process when you start a new project?

“When I start a project, I try to script it in my head. Afterwards, I put everything on the paper (taking notes, writing a tale or making a sketch). Also, I do a research about the idea and the style I intend to follow.”


Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Due to my background, experience with movies and literary tales, I believe my biggest inspiration, comes from fanciful stories that became ideas or stories in my mind. As a result, they also became illustrations.”


Can you please tell us a bit about your SUPERNADA project?

“The graphic novel SUPERNADA was born in the middle of a creative crisis. During this period, I used to get home from work completely discouraged. Fall on the couch and just sleep. Two hours later, I used to wake up totally sad, and all I had scheduled to do at night related to my creation’s ideas went down the drain. I started to think this was a kind of a disease: I was SICK. The routine had infected me. This gave me the idea of telling the metaphorical story of a man who was infected by the routine. The tale was ready and it had the partnership of Daniel Sanchez for the sketches of most of the pages.”

Trauma - Supernada


What kind of clients do you work for?

“There is a vast demand to each customer. There are works for audiovisual producers, advertising agencies and artists in general. These end up resulting in works such as: illustration to motion, games, prints for clothes, art for bands, sketches and editorial illustration. Currently, I work for some companies in these areas.”


How can people get in touch with you, or maybe buy your work?

“They can contact me by or Feel free to get in touch.”

Harmony Pro Illustrator

The Deep Unknown

tank girl

Aplicativo Hmob


Publicações1 Pro Illustrator





raphael-mortari Pro Illustrator

Social Tilt


Capucheta Rescue


Elas Pro Illustrator

keep calm

Raphael Mortari Pro Illustrator


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