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Real Life Explained Through Funny Post it Notes

Real Life Explained Through Funny Post it Notes

Post it notes is something most of us use from time to time. You use it when you want to leave a message for someone. You use it when you’re brainstorming, to arrange your thoughts. You use it when you want to categorize things, or list what’s inside a box. The uses are endless, and most of the time they are used in some sort of a practical way. There are people, however, that use them in a more creative way. Folding a small origami swan, or use several colored ones to draw a wall mural, and so on and on. Chaz Hutton is one of those creative people. He uses his writing ability to explain real life scenarios through a series of funny post it notes.

For the past few weeks Chaz had been posting a series of funny post it notes. In them, he depicts his interpretation to some everyday real life occurrences. You can’t help yourself but to laugh at some of them, and to nod in agreement with the others. His simplistic graphs and short texts make it hard to miss his subtle humor and enormous ability to complain. Using a medium of a post it note and a pen, is smart of him. It forces the observer to pay better attention to the idea, than to dwell on the poor graphic execution.

You can see some of his funny post it notes below. But I encourage you to jump over to chaz’s instagram page to enjoy many more of them.

farting in public

front seat of bus

furniture Funny Post it Notes

nothing to watch on tv

meat ready

dog thought process

energy spent

glodfish thought process

gopro camera Funny Post it Notes

IKEA light bulb

make art Funny Post it Notes

nothing to wear


somthing important to write pen

stock market

tinder distance

tooth paste


vacation choice

what to wear

wine bottle choice

work process

bed toilet

complete assignment


All of the images are taken from Chaz Hutton instagram page, and he holds all the rights to them.


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