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Real World TETRIS by Rémi Gaillard

Real World TETRIS by Rémi Gaillard

Rémi Gaillard is a french comedian and a prankster. In his latest video Rémi decided to create his own version of a real world TETRIS. Using a group of his friends, all dressed as various pieces of the game, they went on and took over the public space. In the video, the different TETRIS pieces are barging into real life and interrupt their surroundings in humorous encounters. The costume dressed actors are trying to mimic the game feel and look by funny rotation and stiff movement. Obviously, as with the other of Rémi’s pranks, some people get really annoyed.

Getting into trouble from various pranks is something Rémi is fairly familiar with. Encounters with the law and security agents are quite common, but rest assured, he doesn’t have a police record.

The preferred medium by Rémi is video, and the majority of his pranks is solely presented online. You can find a lot of additional great videos, like his real world TETRIS, on his YouTube channel.


Road Block

Going Down

Car Block

Tetris Cart

Real World Tetris

Falling Tetris Blocks

Real World Tetris

Real World Tetris

Brick on Bricks


Elevator Tetris

Real World Tetris

All images (from the video) and the video are copyright and the property of Rémi Gaillard.

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