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Reality Bending Soft Stone Sculptures by José Manuel Castro López

Reality Bending Soft Stone Sculptures by José Manuel Castro López

Spanish sculptor, José Manuel Castro López, creates sculptures that are altering our perception of reality. When you first glance at his works, they just seem like a collection of pinches, twists and wrinkles. But when you realize that the mediums he works with are stones like marble and granite, you stop for a second and ask yourself, how does he do that? How can he make this thing look as if it is soft stone?

When you think about stone, the last thing you expect is to see it as a soft matter. You expect to look at something rigid and hard. José’s sculptures are playing with our minds. By bending and twisting the stones, he is bending what we come to expect from the “real” world.

Have a look at some of his works below. Head over to his facebook page to see some more of his reality bending, soft stone creations.

pushed in rock

ring with rocks soft stone

pinched light rock

face light

faces dark

open_page soft stone

dark stone pinch

bent light rock


foldes in dark rock

slice of rock


twisted darkened

twisted square rock

pushed in

rounded stwisted rock

cutted and nudge

nudge soft stone

José Manuel Castro López



  1. hossein

    Hi Professor
    I enjoy very much enjoyed .

  2. Ghazi Aana

    Good morning my friend in art
    I hope to be my friend in life too
    I admire how you think about sculpture
    You are a creative sculptor and your work is amazing and fun
    Thanks for your imagination and your culture.
    I like the simplicity which added a lot of expression into sculpture.
    I am Ghazi Aana / a sculptor from Syria ..


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