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Schoolgirl Animals Solo Exhibition by Takumi Kama

Schoolgirl Animals Solo Exhibition by Takumi Kama

“Schoolgirl Animals” is the name of the latest solo exhibition of Takumi Kama, at the BAMI gallery, in Beijing. All pieces in the exhibit were created solely with black pencil on white board. Takumi, although being fairly young, already got some pretty nice awards under his belt, for excellence and various children’s literature illustrations.

Just like in the animal kingdom, where different animals live in groups, humans can also be defined by different kinds of herds, says Takumi. Elementary school, junior high, high school students, college students, working people, housewives, elderly people and so on, each is a group with its own characteristics. He decided to focus his work on the “herd” of schoolgirls, which he declared he didn’t have a lot of interaction with, in fact, he said he was quite afraid of them.

At the beginning of the work, he defined the different typecasts in the groups of schoolgirls, and chosen the appropriate animal to depict the personality he wanted to attach to that group. Each animal represented a human characteristic that he wanted to show for each group. Looking at the illustrations, it almost makes you think, that they are completely natural, and you wouldn’t feel surprised if you ran into them in the school yard. “Schoolgirl Animals” is truly an eye candy with a bold statement.

Takumi work is done with a big dose of humor, and this is how he wishes people will look into it.

Humor everyone can enjoy is very important in life.
It needs neither reason nor explanation, otherwise it ceases to be funny.
Look at the painting, check out the title, those who “get it”, will.

I just want you to be free to laugh and enjoy it.

Check out some of his amazing work below.

chameleon gir chameleon gir CU wolf girl pig girl CU

Armadillo girl

Deer girl

Giraffe girl

Schoolgirl animals

leopard girl

Sea turtle girl

Schoolgirl animals

Three wise monkey girls

Zebra girl

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