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Sexy Disney Pin-up Girls of Villains & Princesses by Andrew Tarusov

Sexy Disney Pin-up Girls of Villains & Princesses by Andrew Tarusov

Mashing up two, not so related, subjects often produce something interesting. Taking the Purity of Disney’s characters, and showing them off as pin-up girls, is bound to raise some interest. Andrew Tarusov, an artist and animator from Los Angeles, CA, is the proud creator of such a mashup. Andrew did two separate series of illustrations of the Disney’s female characters: “Disney Villains Pin-Up” and “Disney Princess Pin-up”. He was able to take these lovable naive characters and turn them into sexy pin-up masterpieces.

Andrew likes vintage style Pin-Ups and old fashioned comics, so he takes inspirations from old photos, posters and movies. He likes the 40’s and 50’s era, as he feels that “everything looked more natural” in those days. Being a pin-up artist, Andrew stresses that “the most effective pieces, highlight a beautiful face“.

Andrew did some more successful pin-up series of “Comic vixens” and “Game of thrones pin-up”. He also produced a few pin-up calendars that were produced using crowd funding. Check out his Disney Pin-up Girls below, or jump over to his instagram account to see some more amazing works of his.

Mother Gothel Pin-up Girls

Cruella De Vil

Madam Mim

Madame Medusa


Evil queen snow white Pin-up Girls

Queen of Hearts

The Wicked Stepmother

Ursula from the Little Mermaid


Elsa and Anna




Snow White


Tinker Bell


Some of the information and quotes were taken from this pickledcomics page.


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