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SprayPrinter – Pixels Spraying with a Smartphone

SprayPrinter – Pixels Spraying with a Smartphone

Any kind of creative output an artist produces requires talent and skill, among other things. Talent is something you are born with, and skill is something you develop over time. When I was in high school, me and a few friends were deep into graffiti. We consumed massive loads of everything related to it. Magazines, websites, tip sizes, techniques, you name it, we knew everything about it.

We had an isolated spot behind a school nearby, where we would go to at night and practice tagging, bombing and throw-upping. The place was a dump. We believed, up to this day, that we were doing a good thing in that place. The graffiti transformed it into some kind of living museum. Lots of high quality and creative energy murals all over the walls.

When we started doing graffiti, we weren’t that good. As time progressed, we got better and created an amazing body of work in that place. People liked our stuff. We used to go back the day after, when there was daylight. Sometimes we saw people, young and old, admiring our work from the night before. Some of the people were so enthusiastic about the graffiti, they told us they wished they had the talent and skill to do graffiti like that also. At the time, all I could tell them is that they should pick up a spray can and start practicing. But now days, a new product called SprayPrinter, might be the perfect thing for them.


SprayPrinter is a product that is about to launch an indigogo campaign. It could help those people to jump start their spraying creative quest. Its basically an integration between a print module that sits on top of a spray can, and a smartphone camera (with an app) that syncs with it. To print your selected design, you just need to move the spray can over the wall or canvas. The app converts your selected image into small dots, transmit the exact point location to the printing module, and tells it when to spray. There are no cords attached, it’s all wireless, so it feels like you act as a human antique pin printer. The final outcome gives the piece a halftone look and feel. They’re supposed to be a collection of creative designs, so that people can choose from and spray print on any surface.

There should be, at one point, some sort of a marketplace for spray designs. The creators of SprayPrinter are looking for designers. The designers can submit their work, and get a commission out of every design, a future user will buy. The app supports up to 6 tones of colors, which makes it possible to create some interesting designs.

I can’t wait for the product start its campaign on indigogo. I just got to have it. Have a look at some examples of what can be produced using the device below.

Sprayprinter closeup




Below – The team from Estonia, responsible for the creation of SprayPrinter.



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