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Star Wars Cut Out Scenes from One Sheet of A4 Paper

Star Wars Cut Out Scenes from One Sheet of A4 Paper

I’m sure that every fan of the Star Wars series is going to be amazed by the following. London-based “Paper Dandy”, AKA Marc Hagan-guirey, recently succeeded kickstarting and fund a show with a set of Star Wars cut out he created. The scenes were created in the kirigami way, which is basically creating a cutout using a single sheet of paper. Each scene is highly detailed, considering the small A4 size paper that it is cut from, and the fact that it is hand cut, using a scalpel, metal ruler and a cutting mat.

The name of the show is ‘CUT SCENE’ and it is supposed to be on display by the end of summer 2015, location is not set yet. The amount of patience that was put into this mastery is simply mind blowing. Having a Star Wars cut out art piece is something any fan would love, I’m sure, but unfortunately, since Mark created the cut outs as a self project, without any connection to the Star Wars franchise, he can not reproduce them, or even sell prints of them.

If you still fancy owning a work that was made by “Paper Dandy”, you can head over to amazon and preorder his soon to be published “Horrorgami” book. The book contains kirigamis of famous horror movies, again, cut from a single sheet of A4 210mg paper.

Cut Scene – Kickstarter Campaign from The Headquarters on Vimeo.













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