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Superhero Ladies in Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau Style

Superhero Ladies in Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau Style

Combining two seemingly unrelated topics, always creates something interesting. I recently came across the work of Hanie Mohd, a Malaysian illustrator. Hanie combined two of my favorite topics, Alphonse Mucha and comic heroes. Mucha is an artist of the new classic era called art nouveau. For anyone not familiar with that era, Art nouveau (new art) was a short period in the early 20th century. Artists used decorative art, flowing lines, curves and elegant design to create works of art in that era. Mucha created paintings that showcased the delicate nature of the woman figure. Now take Mucha drawing, and infuse into them some superhero ladies and I’m sold.

Hanie Mohd, had been doodling on scraps of papers, and table surfaces for as long as she can remember. After majoring her animation & film studies, she worked for a few years in the advertising industry. Like most people that worked in that industry (myself included), she got tired of it, and decided to leave that world. No more 9 to 5 work hours for her. She decided to start her journey as a freelance.

Storm for All Seasons

Hanie work is heavily influenced from comics and superheroes. That is the reason why in 2011 she created a series of superhero ladies wearing everyday sweaters, which got a lot of publicity. The sweater collection was so successful, that people wanted to know where they can buy them. To answer the demand, Hanie opened a shop on society6 where she made these sweaters available for purchase.

The next series of illustrations Hanie decided to draw were the Mucha like art nouveau illustrations. In these illustrations she managed to transform the super ladies of Marvel and DC, into art nouveau masterpieces. This series shows the delicate side of these sometimes strong and tough super ladies. Surrounding them in curved and flowing lines just emphasized their vulnerable hidden side.

Check out her Mucha like illustrations below. If you want to treat yourself to some of her superhero ladies designs, head over to her etsy page. You can find some more amazing works by her there.





Captain Marvel


Ms Marvelous

Winter Snow

Autumn Wind

Spring Rain

Summer Storm


And some extra Mucha ladies style below.

Wonder Woman

Alanis from indie comic NEVERMINDS

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The Last of the Ancients

The Woman in Scarlet



  1. Blitz

    Mucha Style is more about rounds and curves. Her work is still quite “angular”, from her anatomy to the cloth that is around the characters (look at Emma Frost for instance), and her outlines are still comics influenced.

    Its not even close to being Mucha. Sorry to say.

    • pixelmaster

      The “feel” is of Mucha style of work. of course that scientifically, it not the same.

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