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The Keyboard Waffle Iron – The Ultimate Geeky Dessert

The Keyboard Waffle Iron – The Ultimate Geeky Dessert

This must be one of the most geeky, yet super cool things, I have seen in a while! There is no person that considers himself as a geek, that won’t jump on the opportunity to have his very own keyboard waffle iron. This is so cute.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron is the idea of Chris Dimino. The initial idea for this product was conceived a few years ago, when Chris was still in college. It was part of an assignment to re-purpose the use of a typewriter. At the times, he posted it online and the internet really liked the idea, and it became viral. The years pass, and people kept telling Chris that he has to produce the keyboard waffle iron. Eventually he decidedĀ  to go for it, and initiated a kickstarter project. He was able to collect the funds needed to produce 1000 units of the product. All this was made while he was working at the late night show.


The keyboard waffle iron got funded by 860 geeks, and got to collect a little more than $66,000. After collecting the funds, Chris started the journey of producing the thing. It ended up being an aluminum based product, for its light weight and heat distribution. The final design had no electric cord, as the waffle was intended to be prepared on a stove or a grill. People who were lucky to get one, received also a PDF eBook with 20 recipes to get them started.

Chris got to promote the product on several TV shows, and he now has an official site where people can purchase their very own Keyboard Waffle Iron. If any of you feel generous, and want to buy one for me, i won’t say no. After all, I’m a geek, so I must own one!

dessert waffle

Keyboard Waffle cast

Keyboard Waffle choclate

Keyboard Waffle top view


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