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‘The Skin Book’ – Skin Like Pages to Practice Tattooing

‘The Skin Book’ – Skin Like Pages to Practice Tattooing

Practice makes perfect’ is a phrase I used to hear a lot as a child. I can see the logic in it, and I know for a fact, that this is a major problem, aspiring tattooists face, when they want to dive into the world of tattooing. They often find themselves having to practice on fruits or animals, since its extremely hard to find real people who will contribute their body, without being sure if they will be satisfied with the outcome of the tattoo work. ‘The Skin Book’ might be the perfect solution for this problem.

The book is the collaboration between the Lew’Lara\TBWA Advertising Agency and the Tattoo Art Magazine. Inside it, you can find sheets of polymer with a texture that mimics the human skin. However creepy that might sound, I really believe that it’s a great idea. Now an aspiring tattoo artists will be able to practice, without being afraid that they might potentially ruin the lives of one of their early customers. The images in the book are from different parts of the human body, which provide a diverse selection of sections to practice on. As an additional bonus, the artists will be able to take the book with them as a portfolio to show around.

The Skin Book 4

The Skin Book 5

The Skin Book 1

The Skin Book 2

The Skin Book 3


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