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The Wire – A Motion Graphics Tribute to the HBO Series, by Elliot Lim

The Wire – A Motion Graphics Tribute to the HBO Series, by Elliot Lim

One of my all time favorite series on TV, was the extremely popular show “The Wire” on HBO. Each season of this 5 season show, has been a masterpiece! Throwing you to so many different plots, and inventing itself with each passing season. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t mention any spoilers. But, if you haven’t got around to seeing this show – you owe it to yourself. Apparently, Elliot Lim, a freelance creator from the US, is just as much in love with the series as I am. Elliot created a tribute, motion graphics, video clip, to showcase his version of the show opening.

If you like his amazing motion graphics video below, make sure to head over to his Behance page to enjoy some more of his works.

The Wire from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.


the wire title

the wire streets

the wire street corner

the wire communication

the product

the hood motion graphics

the drop

the beat


spying motion graphics






in the car


exchange hands



  1. Kenneth Wu

    I didn’t realise there were no white people in The Wire.

    • Jess

      Jimmy was white and so were several other people.

    • Wut

      Is that how you consume media? Constantly asking where the white people are?

  2. Choppa

    @kenneth yea their all blacks and mexicans havent you watched the show?

    • K.

      That’s false. There were white people on the show @Choppa and @Kenneth

  3. Charles

    None of the people in that animation were black – they were grey. Its called stylization and its not a very difficult concept to grasp.

    Excellent work!


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