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Tiny Orb Galaxies by Glass Artist Satoshi Tomizu

Tiny Orb Galaxies by Glass Artist Satoshi Tomizu

35 years old artist, Satoshi Tomizu, creates astonishing glass art that seems like capturing outer space itself. For the past 7 years Tomizu perfected his glass craftsmanship into a work of art. In his latest creations he was able to create a series of tiny orb galaxies, that just keep you breathless. Although quite small, the little glass orbs hold a massive amount of details in them.

Tomizu creates the tiny orb galaxies jewelry as a pendant decoration. Their actual size is about a 4cm diameter, so they can easily be placed for that use. Inside his orbs, Tomizu incorporates opal stones as the planets, and flecks of gold represent the stars. Color is added to the mix to create the nebula’s look and swirling comets.

Check out some of the macro photography images of these tiny orb galaxies. Visit his facebook page and site, plus alpha, for some extra amazing orb images.

blue galaxy

pendant sample

black space

black hole galaxy

black hole


blurred space

dark blue galaxy

earth galaxy

earth like

earth on dark

event horizon


ice world


water world

world black hole

yellow galaxy


reddish Tiny Orb Galaxies

sea world

Tiny Orb Galaxies



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  1. Julia

    Where can you purchase one?

    • pixelmaster

      there is an online shop link on the artist site. so I’m guessing there 🙂

  2. Liz

    Where can you purchase this artist’s work? There is no products advertised on the online shop site.

    • pixelmaster

      I wish i knew too. You can try sending them an email. That will be you best bet to find out 🙂

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