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Treasure Hunt for Crochet Pixar Characters in San Francisco

Treasure Hunt for Crochet Pixar Characters in San Francisco

I kind of live in the suburbs, A small place that doesn’t have enough people yet to be defined as a city. When I tell people where I live they raise their eyebrows and ask me “where?”. And when they finally understand where I live, the next question is “Why are you living out there?”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like where I live. It’s not too crowded, the people are nice, and the pace of life is just right. But… Last week I really wanted to live somewhere else. I wanted to live in San Francisco, around the bay area. The reason I wanted to move, was a treasure hunt for some extremely cute crochet Pixar characters. The artist that placed the tiny dolls around SF goes by the name of ‘Geeky Hooker’.

Every now and then, Geeky Hooker creates a set of Amigurumi yarn knit dolls, and hides them around for people to find. Her only intention is that people will adopt these small creatures. She asks the finders to send her a social signal and a photo of the creature’s new home. In the last treasure hunt, she hid 3 crochet Pixar characters: Baymax from ‘Big Hero 6‘, Anger from ‘Inside Out‘, and my personal all time favorite character, Mike Wazowski from ‘Monsters Inc.‘.

Geeky Hooker creates her dolls as a hobby. She tried to sell them in the past, but decided to stop since she couldn’t keep up with the demand. She started a few years back, and as time progressed she perfected her technique and creative ability. It takes her about 4-8 hours to complete each of her cute tiny creatures. She spreads the work on a course of a few days, since it takes a great toll on her gentle hands. If someone wants to start and create his own crochet characters, she recommends reading ‘Amigurumi World‘, and ‘Creepy Cute‘ for the more advanced creators.

Have a look at the latest adoptions, and a bit more of her past creations below. You can also check out her blog to see more crazy cute crochet dolls. Follow her twitter account to get a heads up for future treasure hunts.



anger3 Crochet Pixar Characters

mike wazowski

mike wazowski 2 Crochet Pixar Characters

big hero 6

big hero 6 - Crochet Pixar Characters

big hero 6 - 3

And some more of her past creations below.










All images are taken from Geeky Hooker’s blog, and all rights belong to her.


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