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Tsukimoto Seiji – Sphere Popups Master

It is no secret that i am a sucker for popups. I trully believe that they incorporate within them so many creative abilities, that it is mind blowing. Illustration, engineering and even mechanics are used to create them. When i stumbled upon the work of Tsukimoto Seiji i was even more amazed. Tsukimoto takes this mastery into a whole new level. His paper sphere popups are so unique, i couldn’t find anyone else who does sphere popups alike.
Tsukimoto Creates his popups within a sphere. They begin with what looks as a flat construction, but when you press onto its sides – BABOOM – it becomes a world on wonder inside a sphere.
As if that is not enough, he also creates popup cards that incorporate a carousel inside them. You can turn a section in the base that causes the middle of them to rotate. Now how cool is that?
have a look at some of his creations below. He is one to admire.










All images and videos rights belong to Tsukimoto Seiji

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